Hospital Glamour is a manufacturer and e-tailer of fashionable and practical hospital gowns for men and women.

With Food By Us, discover great food from makers in your area. Order food from passionate nearby cooks at the touch of a button.

Awe makes 360 photos & videos truly interactive. Create & view VR/AR using your browser, on any device. No coding or app stores required.

Bountye is a mobile-only app for buying, selling and connecting with people you trust. For iOS and Android.

Got Gastro helps you find potential food safety problems when eating out or buying food.

Rappsio, a cloud framework for development teams. Build faster, without servers.

Pubs without poker machines. Seriously, how good are they? Pubs that focus on live music, or great food, or fancy drinks, or (gasp) their patrons! There’s nothing better.

Milanote, the notes app for creative work. For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

Sonder keyboard, infinite possibilities at your fingertips, world’s first E-Ink™ keyboard

Begin a desperate struggle to survive an apocalyptic world full of danger and opportunity. Gather skilled survivors to your side and unite against relentless attackers — both living and dead. Scavenge the city, wage war on infected zombie camps and take what you can from other survivors. When humanity falls and the dead rise, you must do whatever it takes to survive in this apocalyptic combat strategy game. For iOS, Android and Windows.