Profiles of the founders of Australian tech startups SafetyCulture, Canva, Finder, and Brighte. A look behind the scenes at the deep uncertainty, doubt, and …

Bella Bookings

Bella Bookings Bella Bookings - the easy way to manage appointments, staff and clients with salon management software tailored for barbers and … - Mapping the world for people Detailed sidewalk map data generated by our DeepWalk™ AI stack can be used for a range of …

Web Directions AI 2023

Web Directions AI 2023

The Big AI Mixer Pitches Rapid fire introductions from Sydney AI startups: Nathaniel Kammer - Matthew Laird - Sahha …


Sahha Sahha - Create technologies that deliver better user experiences and healthier user engagements. Large social media and search engine companies … Contentable.AI: Create Low-Code AI Models on Your Data, Fast. Create AI models in Minutes, not Months


Skillojo Skillojo - Prevent hiring errors, delays, and costs Our mission: to empower employers to make better, quicker, and more cost- effective …


Copydash.AI At, we help businesses & brands create content 100x faster than other platforms & reduce your project costs by up to …


Arbiter Arbiter - transforming site security with autonomous surveillance robots.