World Clock Pro Mobile, a great world time app to plan and organize through timezones.

Bountye is a mobile-only app for buying, selling and connecting with people you trust. For iOS and Android.

Milanote, the notes app for creative work. For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

Begin a desperate struggle to survive an apocalyptic world full of danger and opportunity. Gather skilled survivors to your side and unite against relentless attackers — both living and dead. Scavenge the city, wage war on infected zombie camps and take what you can from other survivors. When humanity falls and the dead rise, you must do whatever it takes to survive in this apocalyptic combat strategy game. For iOS, Android and Windows.

VR Noir: A Day Before The Night by StartVR is an interactive crime thriller available on Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard (iOS & Android). Audiences are invited to play the role of detective Veronica Coltrane, a burnt out private detective with mounting debts and a dark past.

Zova. Feel great everyday with achievable, personalised fitness.

Kids Xap provides a single platform from which to manage your child care centre and ensure that it’s kept running smoothly. Childcare centres can easily log details, file records and share information that can be instantly viewed on desktop and mobile devices by staff and guardians alike.

VideoSlam finds your stories and throws them back at you at exhilarating speed. Shoot like you don’t have to edit. Get it on the App Store.

Skater, the skateboarding game every skater has been waiting for. Real skate spots, real skating feel, real gear. For iOS


BeeConnected, a world-first innovative communication tool to enable collaboration between farmers and beekeepers. For iOS and Android.