Peerism, the skill token economy for post-capitalism, solving the job automation and wealth inequality via a proof-of-skill blockchain economic protocol which matches paid work to tokenized individual skill levels, and shares the wealth from AI.

Everty, a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network. Want to help other EV drivers navigate the city? Simply list your charger and get paid for providing a parking and charging spot., the simplest platform to create virtual content or tours from scratch.

NearSat is building a constellation of solar-powered drones that fly at 20KM above the Earth’s surface.

Simpla isn’t an app, it’s an open ecosystem of content tools. Grab the pieces you need, create your own custom elements, build something fantastic.

YQme offers simple yet flexible online ordering for cafés, restaurants, pubs and takeaway food outlets. Connect with us today to see how YQme can grow your business!

Sonder keyboard, infinite possibilities at your fingertips, world’s first E-Ink™ keyboard

Front End Center, screencasts on the web platform for web professionals.

Squeaker, the ultimate in pet safety. Take back the night. Keep yourself and your pet safe with Squeaker’s Poochlight.

PeakHour. Monitor your Internet, WiFi and network performance, right from your menu bar.