Everty, a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging network. Want to help other EV drivers navigate the city? Simply list your charger and get paid for providing a parking and charging spot.

Simpla isn’t an app, it’s an open ecosystem of content tools. Grab the pieces you need, create your own custom elements, build something fantastic.

Rappsio, a cloud framework for development teams. Build faster, without servers.

Aicial is a machine intelligent system that brings huge volumes of information in, interprets that information – and then provides educated advice on how to improve your social media experience. Aicial will monitor the magnitude of disparate social networks, using machine intelligence to process linguistic and visual content, user engagement and all the associated metadata. Unparalleled understanding of social media will generate better engagement.

At Homeful, we build you the tiny house of your dreams. And we find it a home.

Sell, buy & discover side projects on SideProjectors and never leave your projects abandoned again.

FunCaptcha, putting an end to user frustration without compromising on security.

Offscreen, an independent print magazine about the people behind bits and pixels.

Makers Place consists of like-minded people who are passionate about innovating, creating and collaborating. We provide access to equipment, a safe environment, wifi and the knowledge that most Makers don’t have in their own kit.

Buildkite. Automate your team’s software development processes, from testing through to delivery, no matter the language, environment or toolchain.