Water Storage, the Bureau of Meteorology’s official Water Storage application for iPhone, by Icelab. Find how much water is available in Australia, your state, capital city and for individual storages.


Decaf Sucks! There’s a lot of coffee out there. We want to help you find the good and avoid the bad. Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.


Trickle is a passive Twitter client. Simply launch Trickle and let it do its thing. Tweets are displayed individually so they are easy to read. New Tweets will push in from the right as they arrive. Trickle handles all the work leaving you free to do other things.

Forte by Jake MacMullin (Stripy Sock) presents the National Library of Australia’s collection of digitised sheet music, more than 13,000 individual items – your very own browsable, portable and practical music book on iPad. Open source available on GitHub.

Progressions is an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which allows you to store, organise and transpose simple chord charts, enabling you to use your device as a customised music display, or simply as a catalogue of the songs that you love to play.